A Touch More Resonnant Vie

The latest and acousticest Rockman Zero Collection soundtrack comes out in just a couple of days. If you're hungry to have more of this album, e-Capcom has you covered if just a little bit. They have recently put up the same samples revealed on the Spiceman live stream, but in much sharper quality than the measly recordings I made. There is also an additional sample for Awakening Will in Resonance. Additionally, although I believe this has been out for a while, initial orders will come with a set of three special coasters (one of which already being revealed). I must point at that, for the time being, it appears you can only order Resonnant Vie through e-Capcom or through mail order with Inti Creates. This is going to make grabbing a copy pretty tough unless you're in Japan or you can find a middleman (I am actually unclear if either outlet will accept international orders, but I don't believe so). I wouldn't fear, though. Previous Inti Creates albums have also released like this, only to go onto nationwide sale later. Once that happens importing is usually a snap, it may just be a month or two down the road.