Chibis Ahoy! And Other Rockman Online Blog Updates

The official website for Rockman Online has updated its blog, and as you can see above, they have given us the third of the three Navigators from Mega Man X8. Will we see more of the likes of Nana, Iris, or even the unnamed pink-haired Reploid from Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X? Only time will tell.

This newest post does not say much about the trio, however; rather, it appears to be an interview with the Rockman Online character designer. Using Google Translate (so I could be mistaken about nearly anything from here on out), the best I can tell is that his name is "Eun Won," but operates under the pseudonym of "H-GOON." Those interested can find more in his personal blog.

He seems to be asked about growing up with Mega Man, relating to the sheer number and difficulty of the titles. An older image of Air Man appears to lend itself to the "Can't Beat Air Man" song/meme.

There is some discussion regarding the reactions to the SD-styled Navigators, but unfortunately, I can't really understand what he has to say about it. He discusses the inspiration and how he has come up with some of the newer designs, and attributes it to "SF movies, anime, manga, music, and a variety of media." I'm assuming that "SF" means "Science Fiction."

There are some other questions which seem to regard working with the established Mega Man characters who appear in the game. But perhaps the most interesting part of the interview, at least through the translator, is the following:

Mega Man series, each design differs easy to catch Canada's unique atmosphere, but with the existing Mega Man fans who are new to the series via online convincing people that all the characters are trying to birth .. ^ ^

Online users expect Mega Man to your word!

Jeohuitim all day and night, while suffering is hard to create. A good result to come out, we're doing our best Mega Man's new look and encourage high expectations for Canada, please cheer. ^^

Naturally, given the game's thus-far exclusivity to Korea, it is most interesting to see Canada mentioned repeatedly... particularly for me, as I reside there. At the same time, perhaps that is some odd trick of the translator, changing something to read as relating to where I am seeing it from? After all, the translator already changes "Rockman" to say "Mega Man."

If anyone can do a better job of interpreting what is being said here, let us know, and I'll try to update the story accordingly.