Rockman X Headed for Virtual Console in Japan

Good news, everyone! According to a report from Siliconera, it appears that two Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic titles have been added to the Wii's Virtual Console release schedule for April in Japan. One of them is the Square Enix RPG classic Chrono Trigger, while the other is the original Rockman X, better known out West as Mega Man X (of course).

For those who are unfamiliar, Super NES games on Virtual Console typically cost 800 Wii Points, and according to Siliconera, often tend to show up in North America a few months down the line from their Japanese releases. Despite that, however, Nintendo of America tends to keep their lips sealed on Virtual Console releases until the day they are available on the service, though the companies who own the games have been known to let it slip a little early from time to time.

And for those interested, King of the Monsters 2 for the NEOGEO will be available in April at a price of 900 Wii Points, which is curiously also the price for Chrono Trigger.

In any case, we will keep you updated on when and if we hear anything of Mega Man X being released elsewhere.