Toru Nakayama Does Rockman Zero... Rockman

We don't often use the site to showcase artwork, but every so often a special case comes up. This Rockman fan art, titled "Right Numbers," is pretty cool on its own. But it just so happens to be drawn by none other than Toru Nakayama, the character designer for the Mega Man Zero series, and seen at his Pixiv account. I think the style suits them quite well, with their generally simplistic designs.

Of course, Mr. Nakayama is a freelancer now, so don't go thinking this is some kind of hint at a game or anything. He claims to have drawn the image to commemorate model kits (likely the Kotobukiya ones). Still, Rockman Zero Rockman could be a neat idea. Maybe? Then we'll come full circle with Rockman Zero Rockman Zero.

Thanks to Splashman and AWD!