Hitoshi Ariga Interview, Gigamix Preview

Comic Book Resources has a pretty lengthy interview with mangaka Hitoshi Ariga right now, talking all about Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix. Ariga goes into detail about how he gives each character their unique personality based on their behavior in the games, and other aspects about the comic series. For example:

Fire Man and Heat Man are great examples of how I go about this. In the game, Heat Man's attacks are pretty scary, but he spends a surprising amount of time standing still. He doesn't jump at all, but will produce fire at Mega Man's position with deadly accuracy. So while he is an intimidating enemy, he has a very cool and calculating side to him. That's why the Fire Man in my manga turned out to be a pretty calm individual, despite being a fire-type character.

The interview also contains the first look at lettered pages from Gigamix vol. 1, as well as the first sample page from Gigiamix vol. 2. Ariga also spends a bit of time talking about the stories and other elements of the new Gigamix series.

Fans of Hitoshi Ariga and his upcoming Mega Man works should definitely check this one out! Thanks to Matt Moylan for the tip!