UDON's Mega Man Tribute: A Winner is Who?

From all around the world to the far reaches of space, the millions (and millions!) of the Rock(man)'s fans eagerly put their nose to the grindstone and worked with all the fire and passion one would expect from those who call themselves fans of the Blue Bomber, eager to share their work and show their love of Mega Man to the world in an epic tome which UDON Entertainment has chosen to humbly and simply call "Mega Man Tribute." But now, the time has come and gone-- twice-- and as per the Tribute's official page, the winners were to have been chosen and announced by the end of February.

February's end came, and with it... silence. And the people have been heard asking, "what now?" and "who won?"

Here, today, we bring you some good news... and some not-as good news.

On UDON's DeviantArt blog, a post was made by Managing Editor Matt Moylan, revealing the following:

All the entries have been judged and the UDON crew's top picks chosen. We are now awaiting artwork approval of the winners from Capcom before we announce the final line-up.

So, at this point in time, it is in Capcom's hands.

In the meantime, however, four pieces crafted by the artisans at UDON Entertainment itself have been revealed, giving us a taste of things to come. From Long Vo:

From Matt Moylan:

From Gary Yeung:

From Joe Ng:

We will keep you informed of when UDON receives the final approval of the selected works from Capcom and announces the winners.