Win a Kotobukiya Roll Figure! (Closed)

You may have seen a previous tweet that I got three Kotobukiya model kits in the mail, but I really only need the one. Hmmm, sounds like a terrific opportunity to buy some peoples' love. I think I'm going to keep this one real simple. In fact, I'll just rip off a contest concept Capcom Unity used recently. All you have to do is post an answer to this question in the comments here: What should Roll's New Year's resolution be? We're already a week in and she still has nothing! I want to see some real creative answers here, but keep it clean too.

We will take responses until the end of next Sunday, the 16th, at midnight PST. We'll then go through your entries and select our two favorites. Those will be the winners! Be sure to use your real e-mail address when you comment! Otherwise we'll have no idea how to contact you for your address information. I'm looking at you, Anonymous!

That's all! Have fun and good luck!

Edit: Just to make this clear; if this is your first time commenting on TMMN, your comment will automatically be queued for approval. So if your response doesn't immediately show up, don't worry! It hasn't been deleted or anything.

Edit 2: We are now in the process of reviewing responses. Stay tuned!

(By entering this contest, you consent that you are able or have parental permission to provide your address of residence should you win. We will not use this information for anything other than delivering the prize.)