Mega Tron: Legacy

When Mega Man Battle Network first came on the scene back in 2001, a number of people likened the new character designs and setting to Disney's Tron. Now, ten years later, Mega Man Battle Network is all but a classic gaming memory, whereas Tron has seen new life after 28 years with Disney's new movie, Tron Legacy. And, amusingly enough, Tron has inspired Mega Man once more... sort of.

YouTube user Pierre Manry has designed and animated a 24-second video which renders some of Tron's staples in a visual style which will no doubt be familiar to some of you...

Now we're just left to wonder what the Mega Man Battle Network's plugged-in cast would look like if they had more glowing lights adorning their attire. Perhaps some fanartists could-- pardon the expression-- enlighten us by sending Tabby some related Weekly Gift Art?