Prepare to Battle This Winning Mecha Design

It is decided. The winner of the Bonne mecha design contest is Donner Wels, coming from the Japan side of the Devroom. The entrant of this design may actually be someone familiar to you, he goes by CAP Kobun. We credit CAP's online journal here at TMMN quite a bit. Omedetou gozaimasu, CAP Kobun!! I happen to know that CAP is one of the biggest DASH fans in all of Japan, so I'm sure he must be speechless! You can read about the specifics of Donner Wels here. You can also see Eguchi-san's take on the whole contest.

The runner-up is Seeteuful, entered by Dashe, though to my understanding this design was actually a collaborative effort among many of the members at Legends Station. Great job, all of you! I really cannot think of two more deserving finalists.

Let's all keep up the good work now!