Here Are Your Bonne Mecha Finalists

We are nearing the completion of another phase of Mega Man Legends 3 fan-assisted development. The finalists have been decided, both for the Japanese devroom and the Capcom Unity devroom. Over 250 entries were received on the Capcom Unity side, and I'm pretty sure there were over 600 Japanese entries, last I heard.

Now, it will come down to the developers will decide which of these ten to use in the game. This will be decided next week, on the 14th! I'm sure the winners' hearts are pounding right now! Let's give them all a big round of congrats!

And also, let's see their designs! Check them out after the break.


Bernhardt by Rekkou

Seeteufel by Dashe

Mecha Duck by NettoSaito

Panzerbohrer by Korps!

Scylla by Quickdraw Mcinsomnia


Donner Wels by Kobun 46 (CAP Kobun)

Floß Schildkröte by Kobun 84

Mürbe Krebs by Kobun 455

Languste by Kobun 950

Unnamed Submarine by Kobun 1173