What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mega Man?

We're conducting a fun little survey for the next couple weeks here. As 2010 comes to a close, we want to know what is your favorite Mega Man game of all time! And to tell us, all you need to do is write us at this e-mail with your favorite Mega Man game ever as the subject. No commentary necessary, and you can only pick one. Yes, out of the entire franchise. I know how hard that will be, but do your best. We are hoping to get thousands of responses, since there are quite a few Mega Man games, so be sure to tell your friends too! We will announce the top ten answers on this month's upcoming Megacast (incidentally there is no Minicast this period). I may even randomly select one mailer to win a prize. I don't know what though. I literally just thought of it right now. We look forward to your responses! Please e-mail!

UPDATE: Couple things. First, I've decided that answers given in the comments here will count too. So, either e-mail them in or post here. Second, please remember, you can only pick one game. I don't want to see multiple titles. And I certainly don't want to see arguing pertaining to peoples' choices.

UPDATE 2: You can find the results in our latest podcast post!