In Case You Were Wondering...

First things first: Don't expect us to keep a regular update on Keiji Inafune. After all, we are The Mega Man Network, not The Keiji Inafune Network, and while we all certainly appreciate everything he has contributed to the franchise over the years, the fact remains that he is no longer associated with it. Nonetheless, we felt that following his departure from Capcom (by the way, just out of curiosity, do any of you still believe it's fake? Tell us in the comments, we'd love to see it), some of you may be interested in where he has turned up. And once we caught word that he has started up a new blog, well, we knew what we had to do.

So, with that said, here is what Inafune had to say in his inaugural post.

According to Andriasang, the text on the image above translates into "Keiji Inafune Daze!!," which they believe simply means "It's Keiji Inafune!!"

His profile identifies him as the "Game creator who's created a large number of games like the Rockman series, the Onimusha series and the Dead Rising series." But in the blog entry itself, he identifies himself a little more humbly, as "Keiji Inafune, without a title."

At this time, he says that he has no announcements to make, though when that time comes, he hopes to make them through this blog. So if you are a fan of Inafune's entire body of work and not just Rockman, you should probably bookmark that page.

He does go on to give a brief status update, noting that he would like to "make games," an obvious notion he felt deserved a formal statement. And by "game," he of course means software for video game consoles and handheld systems, though he does not believe social games, online games, and the like cannot be overlooked.

And beyond that? His interest in movies, books, manga and the like is well known, and it seems he would also be keen on pursuing such opportunities, should they arise.

And to those who feel he should stick with games, Inafune feels that he has at last been freed of the life of a salaryman, and it would be meaningless were he not to explore the opportunities that lifestyle had either prohibited or made difficult.

"I'd like to challenge things that I couldn't do during my salaryman era and greatly exceed my former self," he says.

We'll keep an eye out, and wish Inafune the best of luck in these endeavors.

Source: via GoNintendo