More Rockman Online Gameplay, Screens, and Details

If the new animated trailer, screens and art, and first gameplay footage from yesterday were not enough to whet your appetite for more Rockman Online (it wasn't for ours), then you'll be happy to know that some more gameplay has surfaced via the following trailer:

In addition, Ruliweb has a number of new screenshots at their website.

Beyond that, Protodude's Rockman Corner (through which we also got the above video/link) has an initial translation of a look at the game, revealing some of the following tidbits.

The game begins in the lobby of a space station high above the Earth, where you'll choose the character you wish to play as. The demo was limited to the X and Zero types. Upon choosing your character, you can either depart for a mission, or go "shopping" in town (not featured in the demo) for equipment, weapons, and avatars. The higher you level your characters, the more you can equip.

Being an MMO, one expects to have interaction with a "massive" amount of other players. However, this was not to be in the demo version, though the final will allow four players to join together as a unit to carry out missions.

There is no game pad support yet, leaving the controls to the keyboard, which may explain some of the performances we've seen. Special attacks are mapped to the A/S/D/F keys, while 'Tab' cycles through the available special weapons.

Other controls cover standard fare, with X as the attack button, Z as jump, and C or double-tapping the left or right arrow keys enabling a dash. And, of course, holding down X will charge a character's attack.

As one may have noticed from the videos, crouching has returned after a bit of an absence.

Items purchased in town allow for the recovery of Life and Weapon energy, with the former mapped to the 1 key and the latter to 2. Once such an item is used, the character goes through a "cool down" recovery period to prevent the spamming of such items; it lasts but a few seconds.

Finally, the game is slated for an otherwise undisclosed release date sometime in 2011, with word of beta testing to be forthcoming. NeoWiz remains uncertain whether or not the game will be released in Japan, never mind the rest of the world.

We can hope, right?