North American Devroom Open! Get Your Servbot Number!

Just as we reported yesterday, the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is officially open for business. And better still, the North American side is now open as well! This means you can step right up here and claim your very own official Servbot number! Of course, since the first 41 are taken in-story, the numbering begins at 42 and goes up from there.

When you open the page, you should see the faint image of a Servbot on the left-hand side of the screen with a tag inviting you to sign up. Note, however, that if you have NoScript, and perhaps some other such programs turned on, the Servbot may not appear, and you'll need to give Capcom Unity clearance before you can join the legion.

This is Servbot #66, signing off!

Edit from Heat: The Devroom is now officially up and running! Go get started! Also, happy birthday, Meijin-san!

Edit from LBD: Some people have been having difficulty getting their Servbot numbers; we and Capcom hope that this helps clear things up and moves things along.