Rockman Sound Event in Japan This December

Admittedly, unless you're going to be in Japan on the 4th of December, this may have little interest to you. Capcom has announced that they will be holding a new Rockman Sound Event at the Roppongi T-Cube Hall in Tokyo on that day, and it will be hosted by Ippo Yamada, Hally, and Seiko Kobuchi. For those unfamiliar with these names, the announcement (given via Square Enix) describes the trio thus:

ppo Yamada is of course well known for his musical work on the Mega Man series along with his Inti Creates team, while Hally is a legendary chiptune figure instrumental to the popularity of the genre in Japan. He works with the digital VGM distrubition service VGM and was the cordinator for CHIPTUNED ROCKMAN. Seiko Kobuchi is no stranger to the franchise either, having contributed music to both the Mega Man Classic and X series.

More info is slated to be revealed on the official website, but there will be live performances, surprise appearances, and they even hint at the possibility of a new Rockman CD project. You can also follow them on Twitter at @LCR_Rockman.

Source: Via GoNintendo