Mega Man Projects Still Carrying On

Keiji Inafune may be gone, but the band will still play on. And those of you worried about the status of recent projects, such as Mega Man Legends 3, can be comforted to know there are no plans to cut them loose. Over at Capcom Unity, Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzalez comments as such:

Please try not to freak out! Legends 3 is not canceled. There were already producers and directors working on the title and they will continue to work on the game as planned. Same goes for the Street Fighter franchise.

There are entire teams that actually create the Mega Man games. Capcom has been working hard on restructuring its operations over the past few years in order to build a development organization that is not dependent on any single individual. While Inafune will be missed, we can't ignore the fact that there are teams and producers working on these Mega Man games already.

It's going to be a curious world for a little while, seeing new Mega Man games come out without Inafune's presence, but at least for now there's no need to expect the worst.

Thanks, Everbound Venvel.