Here is Your Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine

After nearly a month of voting, Mega Man Legends fans from the east and from the west have decided on the character design of "Lilly" in Mega Man Legends 3. It'll be this one by Shinsuke Komaki! She received 6,202 of the total 23,163 votes. Following the previous pre-results, Suetsugu's design came in second with 3,802 votes, and Yoshikawa's design came in third with 3,086 votes.

And here is a comment from the winner, Shinsuke Komaki:

Thank you so much for voting for my design! I personally looked over everyone's thoughts, and I feel truly happy as a creator to influence DASH 3 with something so unique. Everyone else's designs were quite charming, and this was truly a luxurous project unlike anything before. (And I'm still nervous about the whole thing...)

Alright then, DASH 3 team character designers, please "DASH-ify" my design well. Take good care!

What do you all think? Does she fit the character, or would you rather have had a different design?