Mega Man Megamix 3 Dated, Big Promises for 2011

Matt Moylan writes in today with some great news for Mega Man book and manga fans. For starters, Mega Man Megamix Vol. 3  is slated to release in comic book stores on November 17th, with it arriving at other shops like Amazon within the following couple weeks. We've come to realize there's always a little bit of a delay between the two. For now you can check out the preview below. (And holy crap things are getting crazy in it!) Matt also wants us to pass on that they will be announcing a number of new Mega Man projects with new books from Japan to localize, and seemingly some Mega Man work from UDON Entertainment themselves (Matt mentions "and yes you will finally get to see the UDON crew drawing our take on the blue bomber"). 2011 is promised to be a huge year for UDON and Mega Man, and that details will come out in the next few months. Perhaps Gigamix? New Official Complete Works books? Something altogether exciting and new!? Stay tuned!

Thanks Matt!

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