Keiji Inafune Vows to Make "That Game"

Edit: Well, looks like kept his word! Keiji Inafune is facing some interesting times these days. He's come out very vocally against the gaming industry in Japan, and the stagnation of games in general. Over at his Daletto blog, he occasionally takes the time to discuss his feelings, his desires and his hardships working in the game industry. In a post today, Inafune takes the time to talk about a certain game he wants to make.

There are games I want to make but am unlikely to be able to make. Or perhaps it's that there are less people who can make the games they want to make. Being a game creator, when is the time you feel the greates happiness? Surely it's when you can sell a product you made through great hardships? Or when you make a game that you wanted to make? It varies from person to person, but for me, I like the moments when I'm making a game I want to make. I can't help but enjoy the time I'm thinking "Would it be interesting if I do it like this, or like that?" Of course I'm probably happy from the excitement of a game going to market, but that's the expectation when you reach the end.

There are works that I love even though they didn't sell. I don't want to erase these from my game making history just because they didn't sell. And even if they don't sell, they're games I made with all my heart. Games that, with all the happiness and excitement [of making them], I'm confident they share those feelings with the player. I have such a game.

I swear I will still make that game one of these days. A game that not just myself, but almost the whole staff swears on. Even in interviews I am so often asked "Supposing you were allowed make a game you've neglected again and again, what game would you make?" I replied without uncertainty, every time. I would make a sequel to that one game. Before I knew it, the fans who share that sentiment multiplied. All of a sudden my feelings have begun to reach out? Why now?

In the past, there've been times I was told by my subordinates "Your games are ahead of they're time. You make them too soon." Then perhaps that [game] is also too soon. But now, the voices calling out for that [game] are the most numerous. What do the fans request of it, and what do they expect of it? No, what do they want to let me do with that [game]? What sort of ways do they want it to evolve from that [game]? Surely they are waiting for that evolution throughout the world, I think.

So, I have to respond. But, I'm not doing this per usual. I am again challenging myself with a game that is ahead of its time. This time it's a challenge at a speed that everyone can follow. The fans' encouragement has made me inspired, and as long as the fans are there I will not abandon the revival of this work.

Truly I thank you. From here on out this game will be made with the fans.

Of course, Inafune never directly mentions what game he's talking about, but I don't think it takes much to imagine a game he is likely talking about. What game has he shown a great interest in in the past? What game does he keep getting asked about in interviews? I don't think it's Kabu Trader Shun.

To not beat around the bush any longer, I would say it sounds like Inafune is mentally prepping himself in making another Legends title. It is certainly a challenge, as we know it's a game he wants to make, and definitely a game we fans want him to make, but it has a lackluster history of sales. So you can see why it would cause him some mental anguish. It is his own sort of conflict of giri ninjou at Capcom, if you will.

Whatever game he may be considering, I certainly hope it works out for him, if just for the fact I hate to see someone be so troubled. But if it does turn out to be a Legends title, I can pretty much assure to Inafune, and to Capcom, this site will stand by it.

*It must be noted my fluency in Japanese is not the most proficient, and so some statements may be worded strangely or incorrectly. However I am confident I have correctly conveyed the main idea of Keiji Inafune's post as he intended to write it.