Dr. Light Explains It All

No, that's not the name of a failed Nickelodeon television series. This is actually from a Q&A section to the Club Capcom magazine printed in Japan 17 years ago. Hosted by Dr. Light (unless another character was butting in), the Q&A answered various questions about Capcom games, though a lot of course focused on Mega Man. I think what's most fascinating is that lots of these questions cover issues that are still coming to light to us westerners today, such as Shadow Man's supposed alien origins, how Eddie manages to transfer items, and the whole deal with Quint. Japanese fans have been privy to this stuff all along! (Though you know, we do have a wonderful wiki full of such information.) Unfortunately the magazine itself only ran for three issues, but there's still a bit of info to find out. You can check it all out at #20's The Reploid Research Lavatory, who thankfully also did all the translating!

Via Capcom Unity