Take a Servbot Head Home Today

From the outset, it has been clear that Capcom's Dead Rising has more in common with Mega Man than creator Keiji Inafune. Of course, it is likely because of the Inafune connection that a number of nods to Mega Man fans have been present in the zombie-bashing title. In the original game, protagonist Frank West could not only gear up in a more realistically-styled suit of Mega Man X armor and start slagging the undead with a working Mega Buster, but he could also thwart their urges for dining on human flesh by plopping large Servbot heads atop their shoulders. And in Dead Rising 2, it looks as though the references will continue.

In light of this fact, Capcom has teamed up with Sony to allow fans to bring a Servbot head into their own home... PlayStation Home, that is.

Starting today, Game Informer reports, Home users will be able to obtain garb and weapons in the style of Dead Rising 2's protagonist, Chuck Greene. This includes his trademark yellow motocross jacket (which eagle-eyed Capcom fans may have noticed Inafune frequently wearing in recent), boxing knife gloves, paddlesaws, and more-- including the wide-eyed smiling Servbot head you see at right.

For more information and videos about the Home goodies celebrating the debut of Dead Rising on the PlayStation 3, check out the PlayStation Blog.