Behold "Megapin"

A couple days back, Capcom's Rockman Unity promoter Ucchy-san teased that "something green" would be making a special appearance at the Mega Man Universe stage at Tokyo Game Show. Could it be Auto? Or maybe Tornado Man? Or Teisel Bonne!? All incorrect: it is Gachapin. And in a collaboration with MMU, a "Megapin" playable character is planned to be included in the game as a future DLC update. I'm guessing to many of you who aren't residents of Japan, this news is hardly thrilling to you. However, it does confirm two things. First it confirms that Capcom will indeed be expanding the game's content with DLC (though I'd be surprised if anyone didn't expect this). Second, it confirms that the scope of content in MMU is even greater than we could have imagined, not being relegated to just Capcom properties.

Additionally, you can see some pretty silly images from the stage event on Dengeki.

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