Mega Man Universe Site Updated, Reveals Mega Man 2 Cast

Capcom of Japan has updated their Mega Man Universe homepage with some artwork and screenshots, as well as a compilation of the tree trailers we got yesterday. The new red planet serves as an "urgent notice" section. The video has an additional bit at the end, and Inafune states that many more playable characters will come along, and asks which the viewer is looking towards using. The site also revealed most if not all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2, and others.

Here we have a teaser image from the Mega Man Universe page. But with a little gamma correction and exposure... bam!

Updated: I've decided the character directly to Mega Man's left is Air Man. It's actually easier to make out his rounded body in the darker image. However, I no longer think the character to the right is Shadow Man. The webbed feet are exactly like Bubble Man's but the rest of the body isn't. Perhaps this indicates the possibility to swap out body parts in character customization? The character on the far left, who I used to think was Air Man, does kind of look like Stone Man... but who knows really.

Some other things worth noting from the trailer and screens. We've seen so far Mega Man's ability to Metal Blade, Quick Boomerang and Air Shooter. Weapons, however, no longer seem to change Mega Man's color. Also in some shots, there is a curious looking 8bit sprite robot. I'm going to wager that this is a return point indicator.

Finally, you can find high res versions of the screens and art from the MMU page at 4Gamer.

Update: I've done some lightness tweaking with a much higher quality version of the group image here. It's a pretty large image file, but you can take a look and speculate on some other characters. If you can make a compelling case I'd like to hear it!