Nintendo Power Readers Rate Their Favorite Mega Man

Mega Man showed up a bit in this latest issue of Nintendo Power. No, it wasn't Mega Man 11 (this time). However, in a reader poll, fans were surveyed of their favorite Mega Man series, and this is how the results stack up: 1. Mega Man (58%) 2. Mega Man Zero (13%) 3. Mega Man X (12%) 4. Mega Man Battle Network (7%) 5. Mega Man Legends (4%) 6. Mega Man Star Force (4%) 7. Mega Man ZX (2%)

Truthfully, outside of Zero barely edging out X, these results don't surprise me too much. Though I have to admit, I don't know if I'd take stock in a group of people whom the majority think the GameCube controller is the best Nintendo controller.

Aside from that, the magazine also gave brief mentions of the Jazware's Mega Man JUVI figures, and the upcoming Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works books.