The Mega Man Olympics Confuses, Bewilders

That plumber and the blue hedgehog have had their shot at Olympic Gold, so why not Mega Man? That would seem to be the loose rationale applied by Capcom Unity's JGonzo and Rockman Unity(aka "Unity of Japan")'s Ucchy as they put together the following trailer.

Said Snow of Capcom Unity: "If you have any ideas on what this is, post in the comments please. Someone please explain this to me."

On another note, we usually save the "Mega Man News" category tag for stories which directly involve Capcom or its licensees, while "Community News" tends to follow everything else. And though this does directly involve Capcom... we don't know where this goes.

Assuming your head did not explode from viewing the trailer, feel free to leave any remaining thoughts you may have in the comments below.