Submission Guidelines and Fan Art Gallery

Hello everyone! Tabby, your fan art and Weekly Gift Art admin here! Just wanted to keep you all updated on some information concerning fan art and WGA. As you all know, sometime back, we had the fan art gallery done via the forums. I would activate your account on the forums, and it would bridge directly to the gallery. Since then, we've had to restart the gallery, and thus the bridge couldn't happen like that anymore. All the accounts got wiped out, and we've had to start anew.

So, let us go over some of the changes!

First off, how you get an account is different. Basically, you can hop straight onto our gallery, make an account and begin uploading images pretty much immediately! There's no more waiting for me to "activate" your account on the old method. WGAs are still emailed to me however. That part hasn't changed.

Secondly, we have changed around a lot of the rules. Before we were only accepting 2D fan art. We've opened up the gallery to submit ANY type of art. Are you a painter? Accepted! Do you know sculptures? Accepted! Do you make little cups out of Mega Man heads? Accepted! Which leads me into the third thing..

The submissions guideline page has been massively updated as well. I've made it easier to read, and updated some of the rules a bit (and took out all the bits about the forums.) You can go ahead and take a look here: Submissions Guideline Page

If I do end up removing artwork, I will email the artists and let them know. They are welcome to contest the removed artwork, so long as they do so in a mature fashion. I'm always welcome to hear another side of the story, but cursing me out will not cause me to listen to you. Period.

If you have any questions, please email me either at my email, or the MMN email. We look forward to seeing your submissions!