A Little Mega Man Talk with Inafune

Anime News Network has an interview with Keiji Inafune up, and while the majority of the discussion concerns Dead Rising 2, they did take the time to ask him some Mega Man related questions: Will you make movies about any other CAPCOM games? Like a live-action Mega Man?

Inafune: Mega Man would make a good movie, but I'm really into horror movies. So if I had the chance, I'd make another zombie flick.

You've mentioned before that you're not fond of the way Mega Man 3 was developed, that you were rushed through the process to release the game on time. Would you ever want to go back and remake that or any other Mega Man title, similar to the way CAPCOM remade Bionic Commando with Rearmed?

Inafune: Would I like to remake just Mega Man 3? Probably not so much. Would I like to remake the entire series with a modern look and feel? That's something I'd be very interested in doing.

Something like Mega Man Universe? How did the idea for that project come around?

Inafune: Universe is a unique project. As the title suggests, it's big. It's a whole universe. Some aspects from older Mega Man titles that I wanted to revisit might find their way in there, but it's going to expand far, far beyond that and be all about what fans want to see.

People must ask you this next question a lot, so I apologize. Do you have any plans to make another Mega Man Legends game?

Inafune: I do hear that question a lot, and it's still very much on my radar. My big fear is that if we did start doing it, investing all that time and money into it, the fans would just say “we don't need that.” If I do end up doing it, please support me and don't change your minds halfway through!

Who's your favorite Mega Man boss character?

Inafune: Well, he's not necessarily my favorite character, but the first character I designed for the games would be Elec Man, so I have a soft spot for that character. I was reading American comics at the time, so I got that sort of imagery with the mask and everything.


A few interesting bits there, especially about wanting to remake the series. Though this makes me think, should Mega Man Legends 3 ever be really announced, we ought to play a trick on Inafune and pretend not to want the game. Wouldn't that be fun!

News Credit: Anime News Network, via Protodude's Rockman Corner