Mega Manga Updates: Delays, Delays, Delays

The alignment of our real-world 21st century years with the 200X timeline inhabited early on by Rock and company seems to have affected and distorted the chronological placement of the manga adaptations which chronicle his adventures, resulting in mass hysteria. That, or there have simply been some delays in the production process, and people are wanting to know what's happening. Whatever.

In either case, it appears that patience is a virtue... specifically, your patience will be a virtue for both Hitoshi Ariga and UDON Entertainment.

In the case of the former, Protodude has reported that the third volume of Rockman Gigamix (the second of which is pictured at right) has been bumped from it's planned July release to sometime in mid-September. Fortunately, in revealing the delay, online retailers Fukkan and Tanomi also disclosed the price: 1,200 Yen (roughly $13.85 USD).

Details on the story/stories contained within are few, save for that it will continue where the second volume left off, with more volume 3 details are expected to surface via Ariga's blog. And if you're in no mood to wait for UDON to announce an English version, you can learn what happened there over on the Rockman Perfect Memories forum.

And speaking of UDON, the second volumes of Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man ZX were slated for releases in May and early July, respectively, but neither made the cut. And while new information had not been provided, save to say that they were in the process of being approved by various parties involved in their production, Protodude did some digging and found that UDON has updated their release schedule to show that both titles are on track for a release sometime this month. Hopefully managing editor Matt Moylan will have more concrete release dates for us soon.

In addition, the third volume of Megamix is still penciled in for a September release, but will it make it in time?