Inafune Grateful for Fans, Fears Comic-Con

It sounds like Comic-Con has been pretty overwhelming for Keiji Inafune, at least according to his own blog.* At yesterday's "Capcom 2010 and Beyond" discussion panel, the hall, which can house up to 2500 people, was fully packed. Inafune was astonished by the strong showing of Capcom fans support, which he again notes he doesn't experience in Japan. But more importantly, he had this to say of the audience:

Among them were many pulling support for Mega Man (Rockman), which really moved me. I was also happy that there are many desiring a continuation of Rockman DASH. I wanted to yell that I want to make it more than they want me to. I am truly grateful. As long as the fans support me, I'll do my best.

Inafune has spoken for years now about wanting to return to Mega Man Legends (Rockman DASH). But now having announced an "oft-requested" Mega Man game in the works, it makes his blogging that much more delicious.

*I'm kind of ashamed to realize how much I follow Capcom developer blogs these days. Makes me nervous I'll turn this site into something like Kotaku.