If You Can't Beat Air Man, Maybe Two Zeros at Wonder Festival Can

There has been a fair bit of buzz around Rockman figures and models as of late, what with the Kotobukiya figure and the custom Legends/DASH figures coming to Wonderfest. But in the case of the latter, it appears they won't be alone.

Exclusive to the Wonder Festival Summer event on July 25th are these following three figures, as featured by Tokyo Hunter. The first is the D-X Zero resin kit (click for more images), which is based on the Zero so many of us know and love from the greater part of the Mega Man X series, though the specific game referenced is Rockman X4. No height or price are given, though Tokyo Hunter says they can be contacted for a price quote and pre-order before July 23rd.

The second figure is once again made in the image of Zero; however, the Bidotei Zero movable figure color resin kit is for those who are fans of the crimson Reploid's sleeker Mega Man X8 design, and unlike the D-X figure, features a drawn Z-Saber. The height is once again unknown, but the price is 10,000 yen (around $115), "plus a commission fee." Again, a price quote can be obtained and a pre-order made by contacting Tokyo Hunter before the 23rd.

Finally, it's the revenge of the Robot Master everyone loves to see standing victorious. The Nama Negi Kokoro Airman resin kit (click for more pics) stands at an unknown height, and will cost 3,000 yen (about $35), plus the commission fee. All the same details as above apply here.

Speaking of which, the site notes the following about ordering:

E-mail me at hunt AT tokyo-hunter.com with your list of wanted items, and I'll quote you my prices if I can get them for you. The wanted items can be anything that's listed on my blog, including those past the order deadline, and anything else that's not listed. I accept payment via PayPal only.

If you just have a general question, you can send it to questionsATtokyo-hunter.com (replacing "AT" with @, of course).

Source: Tokyo Hunter (via TOMOPOP, via Game Informer)