The Angry Video Game Nerd Gets Glitched with Mega Man

We rarely get the chance to talk about everyone's favorite Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe, in this space. Of course, part of the reason for that is clear. The Nerd is perhaps best known for his verbal thrashings of the very worst video gaming has to offer, and generally speaking, even the lowest of the low among Mega Man games is usually head and shoulders above the kind of fare he tackles. Mega Man X7? Sure, it's not the greatest the series has to offer, far from it. But compared to the likes of Action 52 or Deadly Towers, it's practically a diamond.

More recently, however, Rolfe has expanded his horizons, and has begun taking a look at games he likes, as well as entire platforms and other themes. And one such theme has brought Mega Man into the world of the Nerd.

His latest video takes a look at infamous and random glitches in a multitude of different games; some of them have been absolutely ruined by these malfunctions, while others have occurred only once, never to happen again. And there are still others which can be repeated and are fun to pull off once in a while (Super Mario Bros. 2's physics provide a good example of this).

At 3:54 into the video, he takes a look at not one, but two Mega Man glitches. The first takes place in Mega Man 2, occurring when you fight Air Man. By using Item-1 to touch the door to his chamber, Mega Man gets warped to a bizarre version of Dr. Wily's Stage 2, comprised entirely of textures from Air Man's stage.

Following that, he pulls out an old VHS tape of his initial run through Mega Man 5, and shows a one-off occurrence with one of the game's later bosses that he was unable to reproduce and might have stopped most gamers in their tracks, forcing them to retreat to a reset or give up. However, he persevered and conquered the bugged-out enemy whose tactics became unintentionally unfair.

To see it for yourself, just click on the following link. However, for those unfamiliar with The Nerd, be warned that he does tend to use a hefty share of foul language, which is the main reason we have chosen not to embed the video itself here.

By clicking this link, you claim full responsibility, so don't complain to us if you don't like what you hear.

That said, have any of you encountered this Mega Man 5 glitch yourself? How about any others?

One I remember well that can come in handy during Mega Man 3 is the "fake" Rush Jet. By acquiring the Shadow Blade in the wake of Shadow Man's defeat, you can select the item and then press right to highlight an invisible item. Leave the sub-screen, and you'll be in Rush mode colors with an empty meter. Just add some Weapon Energy, and away you go!

Thanks to "flammingheadman" for the reminder about this.