Mega Man 2: One of the Most Irrational Game Endings Ever?

GameSpy has assembled a list of what they believe are the "ten most irrational video game endings," and placing at #9 on the list is none other than one of the greater gaming fandom's favorites of the Blue Bomber's many, many titles, Mega Man 2. Have a look for yourself:

From the article:

The Plot:

You are a robot, battling the animatronic henchmen of the nefarious Dr. Wily.

Then the Game Ends, and It Turns Out...

Mega Man is a lot deeper than his circuited interior would imply. He takes a pensive walk through the seasons (all four of them - now that's pensive!). He gazes home, realizing... something emotional. Having finished with whatever baffling character evolution he's just undergone, Mega Man leaves his helmet above the hills of a hometown. Might this be Mega Man's hometown? Of course not, he's a robot. What the hell is going on, here, exactly?

Of all the many endings we've seen across the seven series, Mega Man 2's has always stood out as one of the more curious, enigmatic, and downright peculiar.

What's more, it is not an unpopular subject of conjecture when the subject comes up, as people have carried their own interpretations of it, such as the somewhat-common "I thought Mega Man died" version.

(Of course, Mega Man 3 would go on to prove that's not the case, but who knew that at the time?)

What do you think of Mega Man 2's ending? Did you manage to take something away from it, or does it truly appear to be as irrational as GameSpy's Evan Hoovler claims?

And once you've finished having your say, feel free to check out the other nine entries on the list. Number four is particularly interesting, at least if you are into such games as No More Heroes and Killer 7.