Will Operate Shooting Star Come to the West?

It's the question which Battle Network and Star Force fans have been wondering ever since the game was released in Japan: will Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star see a Western release? Things have not looked good for the title; no announcements were ever made, and normally, the title would have been released right around this time. Instead, Mega Man Zero Collection seems to have taken its place in the American release schedule, while E3 brought no news.

So finally, someone just brought the question straight to Capcom.

"Any plans, or are you guys passing this one up?" asked Jimb0, looking for a status update on Capcom Unity's Ask Capcom board.

"For the moment, no plans for a Western release," replied Christian Svensson, Capcom's Vice President of Strategic Planning & Business Development. Following further pleas from board members, he added "Sorry guys, there are no plans for this to happen at this time."

So there you have it. With that said, there is really no telling what other plans for Mega Man we can count on seeing over here (meaning Rockman Online doesn't count). Perhaps light will soon be shed on that Mega Man Universe trademark...