Changes to Mega Man Zero Collection: How Many Have You Spotted?

At long last, people have finally gotten their hands on Mega Man Zero Collection, the perfect compilation of all four installments of the Mega Man Zero Game Boy Advance series, exactly as we remember them. Right? Well... maybe not so much.

Some intrepid fans on the GameFAQs forums have noticed that there have actually been a number of tweaks made to the game in creating Collection. Some are good, others not so much, and there may even be a few that leave some people scratching their heads and saying "so what?"

Here is what has been found so far:

  • Ciel has apparently received a leg upgrade that gives her an extra frame of running animation across all four titles.
  • The theme which plays during the credits for Mega Man Zero 4 has been replaced with the lyrical version which was in Rockman Zero 4.
  • No one dies any more! At least, not in such specific terms:
    • Harpuia fondly recalls the days of Mortal Kombat as he tells Zero to "finish" him, rather than "just kill me."
    • Elpizo lends a dramatic flair to his speech to Zero as he tells him it is "time to meet your end," rather than simply "time to die."
    • Also in Zero 2, Harpuia dramatically ponders "to live or perish?" instead of "to live or die?" So not only is Zero passed out, but he's being treated like old produce.
  • A little less "2" is present in Zero 2, as the multiplayer mode has been removed.
  • Reportedly, the background music and sound effects have been bolstered by the superior hardware of the Nintendo DS. Some sound effects are even said to be replaced by newer, better versions, such as in the case of the warning klaxons heard as a boss approaches.
  • In Easy mode, Alouette gets equipped with a new script. In particular, Zero 4 sees her reference how one's rank won't be affected by Cyber-Elf use.
  • A typo in Zero 2 has been corrected; now "DEFEMD" has become "DEFEND."
  • Sprites now appear a bit smoother in the opening cut scene of Zero 3, as the layering effects have been cleaned up a bit.
  • The "Z-Buster" in Zero 1 has been changed to its more accurate name, "Buster Shot."
  • Our own Maverick-jin has noted that where Omega's entire body used to flash when struck in Zero 3, but this only happens to his head and torso now.

In addition, one user has noted that the soft reset is now performed by pressing Start, Select, A, and B together to Start, Select, L, and R together.

On the other hand, one member reports that not everything has been polished up; Omega's secret disk in Zero 3 reportedly still reads "This Reploid has a the signature of Dark Elf".

Regarding the changes in "death" dialogue, GameFAQs member IcyWind14 supposes the following: "This is just a guess on my part, but it's possible the changes in dialogue were made to maintain the E rating. Since all of the games (except Zero 4, I believe) predate the E10 rating, they were able to get away with more stuff and still get an E, but now it might have landed an E10 instead."

Have any of you noticed any other changes not documented above? Tell us (and everyone else) what you've found in the comments!

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner