Who is Mega Man's Daddy?

Who is Mega Man's "daddy?" Is it Dr. Light? Or Keiji Inafune? Or is it Chef? Is it Mephesto? Or that little monkey guy that follows him around? Or is it Mr. Garrison?

Jokes aside, ScrewAttack.com's Game Overthinker has put the Blue Bomber under the microscope to delve deep into the hero's creation. However, he doesn't look for Mega Man's father in the more literal sense, but rather, looks into history itself to find the various influences which, over time, came to inspire his creation by Capcom (warning, there is some slight language):

With that out of the way, we can now turn our attention to other matters... matters such as who Zero's father is. Is it Dr. Wily? Or is it Sigma in a convoluted plot twist? Or is it Chief Running Water? Or Mr. Broflovski? Or could it be...?