Announcing TMMN's Mega Man Zero Collection Contest!

Yeah, it was on the site before, but that was the actual contest page. Those aren't supposed to appear in the news, but that's the fun of working with a new site design! But anyway, for those wondering where the post went, here is the official announcement. *deep breath*

Behold, our wonderful, fantastic Mega Man Zero Collection contest! Not only will we be giving away a copy of Mega Man Zero Collection to one lucky winner, but also Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works, UDON's awesome compendium of Mega Man Zero art and info. And all you gotta do is show us that you AREN'T the biggest Zero fan.

We'll be running the contest this week, closing up submissions at midnight PST on June 6th. Get on over to the contest page for all the details, and get your entry in now! Let us buy your love like the sweet, delicious product it is!