Rockman Trading Figures: Promotion vs. Reality

Bandai's "Super Model Spirit" Rockman Trading Figures are now out in Japan. Perhaps you've been thinking of preordering, or maybe even have a set on the way (like a couple of us here). However, as consumers in Japan have started snapping photos of their purchases, it appears the real deal doesn't quite live up to what's been shown. For example, here's Mega Man.

The promotional pic is on the left, and the actual, for sale figure is on the right.

Ok, so it's not like the real figure looks horrible. However, it definitely doesn't live up to the smooth details and precision perfect molding from the image used to advertise it. Of course, I imagine this is probably common with toys and figures. The promotional pictures will be taken with the carefully crafted prototypes, which are put the absolute best poses and lighting. Mass production will always leave a little to be desired. Still, for the price you'll likely have to pay to import a complete set, it's worth knowing. Check out some more comparisons below.

Again, it's not like the actual figures are terrible. Just make yourself aware of the difference if you plan on shelling out the dough. You can also check out Gyroman Black's blog posting for more photos of the real figures, which is where we got these. The promotional pics are from Tamashii Web.