Inti Creates Introduces RTRZ Mythos, Cover Art is Glorious

Last week we broke the news to you on Inti Creates' next Rockman album project: Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Mythos. This week Inti Creates has their own page up for the album and box set, and while there's not much new info, there is an extremely awesome looking cover art. In fact, you can get a someone better look at the art on their front page, which features a somewhat different, more angelic looking Zero. With Inti's page up now, hopefully samples will be coming soon. Incidentally, over at Spiceman @ Blog, Ippo Yamada is having another little contest for guessing what Zero series songs will end up on the album. He states that two of the songs are the Zero Collection title screen and the vocalized version of Zero 3's ending "Everlasting Red." Thus readers as asked to guess ten additional songs. Thus, the whole album will contain 12 tracks. The answers will come out this Monday. What do you hope they are?