Classic Mega Man Goes 3D

"What if Pixar created a Mega Man movie?" That's the thought which has gone through many a mind when presented with the following image, among a number of others, which depicts characters from the original Mega Man series in 3D.

MMN reader M. S. Corley passed along the news of the works, created by David Espinoza and Yoshi Vu, a couple of weeks ago, but we missed the opportunity to report on it in a timely manner. Thankfully, they continued their work and produced even more renders, thus keeping this news relevant.

You can find more renders here, including Quick Man, Metal Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Bubble Man, Crash Man, a Met, a close-up of Mega Man's noggin, and even a logo.

News Credit: Capcom Unity, Kotaku, M. S. Corley