Rockman Zero Collection Redated

As one might recall, Capcom of Japan pulled Rockman Zero Collection from its previously-planned release on April 22nd for reasons unknown. This led to a panic and some unfounded speculation on the part of some, who felt that Zero would follow in the footsteps of another compilation, the Game Boy Advance title Mega Man Mania/Anniversary Collection (despite completely separate developers). Fortunately, Andriasang has good news for those who had feared the worst: Capcom has announced that Rockman Zero Collection is now poised to be released on June 10th for ยฅ4,190. Furthermore, they've "refreshed" their official Japanese website so that the sections for "Story & Character" and "System" are available, though "Action" and "Secret" remain inactive.

If all that was not enough, an e-Capcom bonus has also been unveiled: "an original clear file featuring the Zero Collection package illustration on one side, and the Game Boy Advance original illustrations on the other side." Said package illustration, seen at right above (click to enlarge), is an original creation by Zero series artist Tooru Nakuyama.

Meanwhile, on the North American front, Mega Man Zero Collection was never postponed, so as far as we can tell, it is still on track for a Summer 2010 release. For Europe, NintenDaan (via GoNintendo) reports that the newest release schedule for Nintendo's platforms shows they will also receive the game in June.

Sources: Andriasang, GoNintendo, NintenDaan