Air Man's Theme, as Played on a Piano

The Robot Master known throughout the world as Air Man has quite the memorable theme, one which has been played and remixed numerous times. Today, Robert Kovacs dropped us a line to let us know that he has taken his own stab at performing the classic 8-bit arrangement via the piano:

In addition, he's produced a version with a slightly-different alternate ending:

Excellent work, Rob! But can you handle the theme from the first leg of Wily's fortress?

Those interested in obtaining the sheet music for this piece can contact Rob by e-mail at rob[at]returnofsimple[dot]com. And if you have a similar performance you'd like us to feature, feel free to drop us a line at[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll try to bring your work to the masses. Who knows? Maybe someone at Capcom will even catch wind of it (no pun intended), and bring it to their audience as well!