Capcom of Japan Begins Rockman 10 Package Design Contest

Mega Man 10 may very well be the most "contested" Mega Man game ever. Capcom of Japan has just announced their own Rockman 10 contest: create a package design for Rockman 10, provided it actually came in a box. I'd always wondered why Capcom of Japan wasn't revealing their own package art for the game (as they did with Rockman 9), and it seems this is the reason. Designs can be made in either in landscape "Rockman" format, or portrait "Mega Man" format. Images must be 300dpi, stay within 2MB and be saved in JPG, GIF or PNG format. The contest page gives specific layout details for the required image dimensions, including the border area. Submissions will be sent to Capcom via e-mail with the title ロックマン10のパッケージイラストを描いてみた コンテスト (Rockman 10 package illustration contest).

What will become of the design chosen as the winner? Well, it will be used to make an actual package, albeit for what purpose I'm not entirely sure.

There are some additional things to note. All entries will be uploaded to Niconico Seiga, and become materials on Niconi Commons. Furthermore, entries will become property of Capcom of Japan.  Because of this, you may not submit an illustration that has already been submitted to another contest. Only the creator of the illustration may enter on his or her own behalf. Do not enter multiple works at the same time. Finally, if you are younger than 16 you need your parents' permission to enter.

While this may seem like a Japan only thing, a blog post on the Rockman 10 homepage by assistant producer Akiko Ito states she wants to see many entries from not just Japan, but from abroad as well, making it both a Rockman and Mega Man contest. I'd presume then that official guidelines will be presented on our side soon.

Well, better get drawing!

Edit: Actually, the English instructions appear to be right here!

Edit 2: Capcom Unity is pitching in to help out as well. Find out how by clicking here.