Famitsu Reveals Bass in Mega Man 10 (Updated)

If you ever wondered what Bass would look like drawn in classic Mega Man style, your thoughts have been answered. Famitsu has officially unveiled images and screens pertaining to the Bass Mode DLC, coming in April (though the release for Japan is as of yet unconfirmed). A fairly surprising reveal, as we in the West have been receiving all the news updates, and the game itself, in advance. Bass will contain the abilities to dash and fire shots in seven directions. News Credit: GoNintendo

Update: Capcom of America has put out there own press release and assets on Bass. We'll be adding the high quality images to our gallery. Press release below:

We are pleased to announce during this week’s Mega Man 10 launch that the rumors are true! Mega Man 10 does indeed have an additional character you can play as, and that character is Bass! On April 5 th, users can download Bass for 200 Wii points.

Dr. Wily designed Bass with Mega Man’s abilities in mind. Of course there’s a bitter rivalry between the two, although Bass will help Mega Man out if he sees a benefit for himself.

Bass uses a weapon called the Bass Buster, which is a lot like the Mega Buster except that it fires faster and can fire upwards and diagonally (7 directions in all). He can also use the Bass Buster to shoot-down enemy attacks!  He uses dash to avoid enemy advances. He can also copy the weapons of the bosses in the game after defeating them, just like Mega Man can.  When he combines with his robotic canine pal Treble, he can fly and shoot more powerful projectiles with his buster.

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