Mega Man Megamix Arrives Wednesday; Final Preview Page Emerges

Now that this battle station is fully-armed and operational once again, we can now bring you the final preview page of UDON's Mega Man Megamix Volume 1, which will be available in comic shops everywhere this Wednesday. This last preview page gives us details of a fan-favorite Robot Master whose past is more mysterious than many of us at first thought:

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UDON Managing Editor Matt Moylan informs us that while comic shops will have the book, other retailers such as Amazon should be shipping the book "any time" as well.

And for those skeptical that this is really it, Mr. Moylan offers the following image as proof of the finished book's existence:

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You might notice that Megamix does not sit alone here; in fact, arriving at comic shops this Wednesday will also be the first issue of UDON's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, and I'm sure they would love it if you all would give that a shot as well. After all, you never know when some of the artists might decide to sneak in something of interest.