A Closer Look at Bandai's "Super Model Spirit" Rockman Trading Figures

While these are still unpainted prototypes of the figures, with this view you can get a much greater look at the detail these figures will possess. The source of this image, Amiami, also has the box set of 12 figures for preorder, currently with a 25% discount at ¥5,720 (roughly 62.19 US). A somewhat better deal, although you should probably expect shipping to run $20 or more. The figures are releasing in late May. Still kind of pricy, but you'll probably get the figures in under a week after they release (assuming you live in the US). Now again, these are trading figures, which means when you buy one you don't know which figure you're getting. However Auto, who drew my attention to this news and claims to have a lot of experience and spent money on such figures, tells me that when you buy a box set of these figures you assuredly get one of every variety. So as always, buyer beware, but Auto is pretty confident a single box set will nab you one of all eleven figures.

News Credit: Auto