Spread the Love with these Mega Man Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up this Sunday. You didn't forget to get something for that special someone, did you? What's that? You've been so mesmerized by Mega Man 10 news you forgot!? Well we at The Mega Man Network are a caring bunch, and it just so happens we have some lovely Valentine's Day cards for you to give your sweetheart. It's not Jared or anything, but hopefully it's enough to keep you from sleeping on your friend's couch. Seriously though, enjoy these silly "cards". Should also warn, this is an image heavy post.

Now, while we try our hardest here at TMMN, not all of our cards were winners. Below are a few of the cards that got rejected. We assure you that these cards (probably) won't be included with your order.

Kind of irreverent.

Kind of uncomfortable.

Kind of sad, in a funny way.

Just sad.

Many thanks to BD and Red for helping me come up with ideas. Also, BD demanded I do the Charge Man one else I'd be fired. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!