Rockman Gigamix Vol. 2 Cover, Release Detals

While we're about to get the original Rockman Megamix here in North America (known as Mega Man Megamix of course), you have to remember that Japan is already up to Rockman Gigamix. And in fact, the second volume is coming out in Japan this month on the 27th for ¥1,200 (roughly $13.40 US). If you'll remember, this is the volume set to contain the fan-submitted throwaway characters that Ariga held a contest for last year. Check out the covers and inserts below, via Tanomikomu Shop.

Judging by these images, Gigamix Vol. 2 will continue the space theme that was focused on in Vol. 1, with the story of Rockman 3 and the mining colony planets.  This time, however, the comic will feature the debut of the Space Rulers (the Stardroids to us), as well as the introduction of Duo. Where you say? Well that strange looking white and blue robot over to the right is actually Duo's original form! Incidentally, the lazy looking robot to the left comes from this artwork, but probably won't be too significant.

With Rockman Gigamix Vol. 3 set to release in June, I have to wonder if the space theme will continue. And if that's the case... maybe we can look forward to a story about Rockman 10? It would fit, given the subtitle of "The Menace from Outer Space!!"  Even more, however, I hope that UDON will start bringing us Gigamix before long!

News Credit: Dark Messiah Blog