Lucky Star PSP Game Features Mock Mega Man

Here's yet another story where I'm not terribly knowledge of the source material. However, you weirdo anime fans will probably know exactly what it's about. This past December a PSP game in the popular Lucky Star series called Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister came out in Japan. Why am I bothering to post about this here? Well, the game seems to feature a mini-game that, for all intents and purposes, is a parody of Mega Man! Called "Mega Konatan," the game appears to be a pretty faithful parody of classic Mega Man games, aside from some weirdness and the main character being one of the Lucky Star people. What I find very amusing, though, is all the "comments" plastered over the screens. This to is a parody of the site Nico Video, a Japanese service similar to YouTube which lets users upload their own videos, and then other users may comment on them. These comments will actually roll over the video at the time in the video the comment was left. It fits the theme of the game, which seems to be about becoming the greatest internet idol. How do the Japanese think of this stuff? Edit: Actually, the comments themselves appear to be the platforms you stand on. Very interesting.

I guess if you're jonesing that bad for a classic MM fix before Mega Man 10 comes out, you can go import this Lucky Star title. Just don't get mad at me if it turns out to be totally weird and bizarre!

News Credit: 2chan