MM9 Remix Project is Back in Blue

It's been quite some time since we last covered OverClocked ReMix's Mega Man 9 Remix Project, but I'm happy to say that this time the news is good. Despite his earlier reported hard drive crash, Sixto Sounds is back on board to bring his rocking guitar stylings to Plug Electric and Flash in the Dark. I apologize in advance for your socks because, when the time comes, he will rock them clean off.

With the addition of a new artist named Ralph Vickers, the missing tracks are filling out and we'll supposedly have a new release date to look forward to very soon. The project has also finally been given a name. The album will be called "Back in Blue".

As always, you can check out the album's official site here as well as the thread on the OCR forums. And don't forget to grab the teaser while you're at it.