Bandai to Produce "Super Model Spirit" Rockman Figures

It looks like Japan just keeps getting more neat Rockman goods. While the Kubrick figures will be coming out this month in Japan, Bandai is also preparing a total of 11 "Super Model Spirit" figures, measuring 6~10cm, of various characters in the Rockman franchise. These include: Rockman with Metall A (classic series) Rockman with Metall B (classic series) Roll (classic series) Forte A (classic series) Forte B (classic series) Blues (classic series) X (X series) Zero (X series) Zero (Zero series) Air Man (classic series) Cut Man (classic series)

The figures pictured are apparently prototypes, since it's listed that the final figures will come painted. Furthermore, the figures are being produced based on the number of orders that come in, so they're expected to be of high quality. The figures will run ¥650 ($7.19 US) a piece, or ¥6140 ($67.98) for a box of 12. However, a box may not contain every type of figure. The figure series is expected to go on sale in the latter half of May.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Hobby Net